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This original word game is simple, beautiful and tons of fun. Here’s how it works: You’re a very smart frog with an appetite for verbiage. Hop from pad to pad collecting letters and making words. Learn to play in a few moments by taking a tour through the in-game tutorial. Enjoy HFG’s newest game!


What a Web bowling game should be. This beautiful game has a simple interface that gives you tons of control over the ball. The pins are modeled to fall like real pins. Pick out your favorite ball and hit the lanes. Can you roll a perfect game?


Do you remember Milton Bradley’s 1981 hit board game? If you do, then this game needs no explanation, but if not then give this classic treat a try.

This hot Flash game faithfully recreates Dark Tower’s single player experience. How to play


Another old classic brought back to vibrant life. Throw down pipes in a mad race against time. Deliver the flow from the pump to the drain. You’re rewarded for taking the long way — the more twisted your path, the more points you earn.



This is not your father’s Asteroids…A fresh look at another arcade classic. What if that little triangular ship had an ally? Say a brilliant scientist aboard a nearby space dock whose mission is to supply you with nasty weaponry. Hook up to receive an arsenal which includes photon torpedoes, homing bullets, mini-nukes, mysterious black holes, and more!